Event Marketing

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What We Offer

HG Creative will create a great campaign to inform everyone and also capture the moment!

Website Page

Need a website page for your event? Hg Creative will create a fully customized website for your event to provide various services like sign-ups, donations, information, and more!

Content Creation

We will provide video ads to promote your event, film your event for recaps and capture your event for fun memories.

Social Marketing

With either your provided content or HG creatives content services, we will manage your social media with your permission and schedule all your posts and videos leading up to your event!

Ad Management

HG Creative will manage your ads and schedule it accordingly to your ad budget!

Email Marketing

HG Creative will design an email tailored to your event and send it out to the masses.

Events we’ve done!

Check out some videos of past events HG Creative has covered!

Moments we’ve captured

Let’s Have Some Fun!

Let us handle the business while you take the fun! Don’t worry about missing the moment; live in the moment because we got you covered!

Plan the Campaign

Once we set a meeting, we go over the whole timeline of our strategy to promote your event with your budget in mind!

Capture the Moment

On the big day HG Creative films and shoots the whole event so that you will always remember with the memory in hand!

Ready to get started?

Get in touch, and let’s plan the future!