Success. We all strive for it. Especially in business. And a business needs growth. One way to make sure growth happens is with a professional video.

What is a “professional video”?


A professional video is a short video informing and educating the viewer on what said company does, offers, or provides in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Why do I need a professional video?

Simply put, it’s an excellent marketing tool. And everybody knows having a successful business requires a good marketing strategy.

But what sets video marketing apart from other types of marketing?

Let’s look at that.

In today’s world, everything is designed to visually stimulate the brain, and people are bombarded with a variety of video clips. TikToks, Instagram reels, Ads, etc, etc, etc. Needless to say, the majority of the population prefers to watch rather than read whatever content they consume. YouTube ranks 2nd place when it comes to traffic and usage across all websites.

A little over 5 years ago, 78% of online marketers supported video in marketing, compared to the present day, where 92% of professional marketers believe video is vital for successful marketing. An ad in a newspaper is a thing of the past. With professional videos, both large companies and small businesses can stay on top of their marketing game amidst today’s torrent of media. 

There is a wide array of media platforms available, and if utilized correctly, the number of potential customers to view your video could be in the hundreds, thousands, or even millions!

Video clips get around quickly, and viewers share them willingly. Most of us carry our mobile devices everywhere, making sharing a video much more convenient than digging through the car for a business card. Having a video subject in your marketing email increases the likelihood of a recipient clicking by more than two hundred percent! 

Professional videos are favored by search engines. Let me explain. The algorithms that run these search engines are designed to seek out anything eye-catching or popular. Think back to any time you’ve searched for something online; more often than not, videos are provided among the results. This makes video the perfect way to get your business noticed online. 

YouTube is an undeniable example of how successful video can be. Much like a hunter, our eyes are drawn to movement; that’s why we notice a flashing billboard before a stagnant sign. 

On a more personal note, a professional video lets the viewer into your operation’s heart and soul. And not just your business but also you and your team. They can, in a way, get to know you and connect on an emotional level. This is important because people act on emotion. A good clientele is also based on trust. Potential clients seeing you or other employees working, talking, or interacting on screen speeds up that process.

Your video can educate watchers on your product and/or services. Use a professional video to help them understand your work. Customers are more likely to make a decision if they feel comfortable with their knowledge of the product. 

It can be a form of validation – a chance to prove your skills and show the quality of your work. Give the viewer a reason to purchase your services!

So, in summary, the reasons to utilize professional videos in your marketing campaign are abundant.

Beginning with the simple fact that people love watching videos. Technology has made sharing links super convenient, and consumers do so generously. Plus, the internet has a favorable bias when it comes to video content. All of this allows you to introduce yourself and your business to a massive audience and educate potential clientele on your services, thereby multiplying conversion rates.  

And who doesn’t want that? You want to grow your business and push the boundaries of your capabilities. This is one effective way to stay ahead of the game and achieve your goals.


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