In order to grow and maintain, small business owners must choose the best tools and systems to help get their marketing and sales off the ground. HG Creative is proud to assist and operate the online presences of our clients. We also recognize that many would prefer to manage their own social media and websites, so we also offer small business development services in order to assist our clients in the best way possible.

Phase 1: Social Media

  1. Create Social Media Pages (Facebook, Instagram) – To Start Off
    • Get your profiles ready and use your logo for the profile pic and a graphic with your logo and services for the cover image or video.
  2. Start following your friends & family (ask for page shares)
    • Following your friends and family builds your page to where people trust to follow it.
  3. Start following potential customers.
    • Following potential customers may help get you some inquiries and help you build more trust.
  4. Start running campaigns (Like ad campaigns, giveaway campaigns)
    • Running campaigns will help get your audience to the page
  5. Have information in your Facebook About section and a summary in your Instagram bio.
    • First impressions are essential. Make sure your followers know who you are and what you’re doing.

Phase 2: Online Presence

  1. Create a landing page or website for your essential products/services.
    • Be accessible. Websites help customers understand what you offer, how you operate, the quality of your work or products, etc.
  2. Have all possible available information on your Google My Business page
    • Google My Business pages are an excellent way for Google to trust your brand and business. It ensures that profile pic and graphics are similar and you say the same thing across all platforms. Google is all about trust
  3. Make sure your social media platforms, Google My Business page, and the website(s) are connected through links across all platforms
    • Use all platforms together. Using all gateways is the best way to get results
  4. ALWAYS ask customers for reviews when selling a product or finishing a job (Google & Facebook)
    • Trust. The customer has to trust you before even inquiring. Make sure you are diligent when asking for reviews. Consistency is key

Phase 3: Content

  1. Take pictures of your products/services/projects for your Facebook page and keep your website updated with that content.
    • Having fresh content is always a good idea. Always adding to your portfolio lets potential customers/buyers know there is a demand for your products/services.
  2. Make sure to have the why (company vision) behind the company on your website and social media platforms.
    • Companies that have a well-thought-out mission statement are more likely to attract customers.
  3. Create simple videos to put on your social media platforms explaining who you are and what you are doing
    • Videos are a powerful way to engage your audience. Using videos have a higher ROI and help brand you as a company.
  4. Ask customers for video reviews.
    • Video reviews are a level up from regular google/social media reviews. It lets your audience know that you are a well-trusted brand/company.
  5. Educate your audience.
    • Post tips, tricks, and facts about your industry specifics. Posting this kind of content will keep your audience engaged with your content and proves you are an expert in your field.
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