Increasing Traffic to Your Website

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For those of you with a business website, increasing website traffic is important. You need people to visit your business site. More traffic equals more business. Getting folks to visit your website can be challenging, especially today. According to Google, in 2018, half of small business owners utilized business websites. Today, 98% of small businesses have their own website. Needless to say, it’s a challenge to stand out from the crowd.

 But it IS possible. There are numerous strategies to increase website traffic. Let’s go over a few.

 SEO is one of the main ways to get your business seen online. SEO stands for “search engine optimization.”

 Why is this important? Well, Google and other search engines are programmed to provide only the best and most applicable websites for a search. They do this by seeking out keywords, validity ratings, and multiple other factors. In other words, when you search for something, Google gives you what it “thinks” are the most helpful or valid sites for what you seek. So if Google doesn’t think your website is “good enough,” it won’t show it as often or at all.

 This is where SEO comes in. You need to optimize your business site to make Google(or any other search engine) “like” your business site. This is hard to do unless you’re an SEO expert. Never fear. SEO websites are available online that have been put together by experts. These SEO experts help you with popular keywords, accurate page titles, user-friendly functions, etc. Some even tell you what NOT to do; what actions and set-ups to avoid hindering your website’s visibility. SEO helps your website rank as high as possible, ensuring it pops up amongst the top search results.

 Social media. Over half of the world’s population uses it in some form or other. Another great way to spotlight your business is by utilizing various social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

But how exactly? Simply put, you can use social media to inform and educate viewers on your company’s actions. You can post pictures and videos and explain what is special about your product and/or service. People purchase willingly if they understand what they’re buying. Guiding users to your business site is simple. Place a link somewhere visitors can’t miss, i.e., your bio or homepage. Thus, funneling individuals into your business site.


Updates and news about business growth and activities are significant for social media. Humans forget, so remind them of your existence. Keeping the public up-to-date helps build relationships with potential customers.

 YouTube is a powerful tool for shedding light on your business. The same material used on social media can be applied to YouTube. Tons of information can be packed into a short video. Not only the hard facts but also fun stuff. Don’t be afraid to show people you enjoy doing what you do! Folks love seeing both the process and the finished product.

 Blogs are another great way to interest people in what you do. A blog(like the one you’re reading now) allows you to expound on relative topics. For example, HG Creative builds websites for businesses, and in this blog, we’re talking about increasing traffic on such a website. You are providing customers with what they purchased and educating them, assuring them of their choice. Also, blogging about topics relative to your business attracts individuals interested in those topics who are more likely to request your services.

 Options are plentiful for upping website traffic, including paid and free services.

 In this blog, we touched on a few. Get your business in front of as many eyes as possible via SEO and social media presence. Capture future customers’ attention with photos and video clips. Educate viewers on your specialty and address consumer needs through informative videos, blogs, etc. Strong client relationships are vital for business growth, and these will guide you on the path to success.

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